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traficway societe : fabricant roller parks, de rampes de roller, modules de roller






societe trafic way fabricant de modules de skate, rampes de skate et skate park ( roller, skate, bmx et action sport )
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As a result of closely following the trends in the skate, roller and BMX worlds, we have decided to concentrate our research on two areas: stand-alone equipment & street modules. These two categories cater for two quite different practices: one tends towards air and acrobatic figures, the other is closer to its roots and tends towards flatter activities with technical figures and combinations.


The stand-alone equipment (ramps, bowls, big air, etc.) have the advantage of not requiring a concrete or bituminous surface. This means that they can be installed at different locations on skateparks.

The heights vary between 2.00 m and 5.00 m, often with sharp curves, more suited to experienced users than beginners. For example, the Big Air curve was designed based on a curve called the "brachistochrone" (the shortest time between two points): it forms the launching curve used to gather maximum speedů

The street modules we develop are designed for figure combinations. They tend to be rather low structures, 0.40 m < h < 1.00 m, wide l > 2.00 m, consisting of slopes, curves, low walls and rails.

Inspired by urban furniture, these modules adopt new forms more appropriate for rolling (e.g.: quarter bowl) and sliding (round curb).


photo action skate sur rampe

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