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Specifications Techniques : concstruction de roller parks, de rampes de roller, modules de roller


specifications traficway fabricant de modules de skate, rampes de skate et skate park ( roller, skate, bmx et action sport )
coffrage et materiaux

Our ramps and modules are generally delivered open (without enclosing panels). This option is both practical, aesthetic and a guarantee of safety offering :

  Shelter from the rain
  A more open and lighter structure
  Better visibility to avoid collisions
  Ease of access to inspect the fastening and grouting systems
  Limitation of noise

Nevertheless, TRAFIC WAY can provide to enclose the modules in galvanised sheet panels 2mm thk, folded and riveted to the frame : this panels are designed to let the modules sufficiently ventilated to avoid condensation. On each equipment, removable trap door is designed to give access under the module at the time of the maintenance or checks.