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Specifications Techniques : concstruction de roller parks, de rampes de roller, modules de roller


specifications traficway fabricant de modules de skate, rampes de skate et skate park ( roller, skate, bmx et action sport )
export dans toute l'europe


SKATELIFE®RS : Structured and reinforced composite material containing glass fibre. Specially developed by the TRAFIC WAY engineering department to meet the needs of users, the SKATELIFE®RS offers unequalled quality: :

skatelife rs

  Excellent slide/adherence: adapted to both rolling and falls (non-skid and non-burning surface)
  Fully rot-proof
  Exceptional resistance to indenting, scratching, deformation…
  Very good vibration and shock absorbent qualities
  Insensitive to UVs
  No dimensional variations
  Suitable for use in all climates: hot, cold, damp, rainy, snow, salty
  Requires no specific maintenance
  Easy to clean and quick to dry
  Constructed to large size (2.40 m wide for different lengths of several metres): optimisation of the number of joints on the module rolling surface.
  Tensile strength: 12.5 daN/mm2
  Bending strength: 19.5 daN/mm2
  Modulus of elasticity: 812 daN/mm2
  The breaking strength test performed with the AFNOR-approved Pourquery laboratory is 800 daN on a 5 cm x 5 cm area


Caution: Our SKATELIFE®RS material is not to be confused with SKATELITE, the American product mainly consisting of compacted wood with resin.



Other available materials

contre plaqué •  Resin-coated plywood

Aluminium •  Treated aluminium
Acier Galvanisé •  Stippled stainless steel
Acier Inox •  Galvanized steel