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Specifications Techniques : concstruction de roller parks, de rampes de roller, modules de roller


specifications traficway fabricant de modules de skate, rampes de skate et skate park ( roller, skate, bmx et action sport )
resistance materiaux

Resistance to movement / tilting

resistance des matereiaux


When installed according to our instructions, our skate, roller and BMX structures can withstand any movement or tilting force of 110 daN applied in the direction of the use at the centre of the highest part of the rolling surface.

Strength of platforms

resistance des matereiaux

Our platforms are dimensioned to withstand vertical loads of 350 daN/m 2 .

Strength of guard rails

resistance des matereiaux

Our rear and side guard rails are dimensioned to withstand horizontal loads of 120 daN/ml.

Rolling surface resistance to wear

resistance des matereiaux

Our tables and rolling surfaces are dimensioned to withstand 800 daN applied to an area of 5 cm x 5 cm perpendicular to the rolling surface