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Specifications Techniques : concstruction de roller parks, de rampes de roller, modules de roller


specifications traficway fabricant de modules de skate, rampes de skate et skate park ( roller, skate, bmx et action sport )
ancrage et materiaux

To comply with the standards applicable to the safety of the launch and landing zones and ensure resistance to wind and wear, skate, roller & BMX structures have to be anchored to the ground. TRAFIC WAY offers various types of anchoring system depending on the site of the skatepark, its exposure to the wind and the finished ground surface.

•  Anchoring by bolts and plugs (in concrete ground and on pedestals)
  Anchoring using a chemical grouting product (on concrete or bituminous finish on compacted gravel)
•  Anchoring by concrete grouting (on concrete or bituminous finish)
•  Anchoring by bonding (on concrete or bituminous finish which cannot be drilled)
•  TECNIVALOR anchors (for all type of grounds)