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Based on its wide experience & expertise in developper of skateparks REFLEX ENVIRONNEMENT introduces a new range of multisport facilities PROXIWAY for children, teenagers and adults. They can practise freely and in the same place : basket ball, mini-football, handball, volley ball, badminton....
From 200 to 500 m2, galvanised steel or thermo-lacquered finish structure to delimit the playground, keep the balls inside and prevent the access to no-users.

The main technical specifications of PROXIWAY playgrounds are:

• One-piece grating electro-welded with safe round handrails
• Multiactivities (basket ball, football, handball...)
• Galvanised steel benches for spectators and users
• Sitted-upright entry (prevent the access to the bike)
• Aluminium anti-vibration fixing system
• Resistant & safe design
• 15 years of warranty

Basket panel :
Panels are realized in armed polyester (6 mm thk) with a galvanised steel structure. The Force 7 ring is realized with galvanised steel tube and folded plate 4 mm thk. Resistance = 450 kg.

Barriers :
One-piece grating with electro-welded with safe round handrails (43mm dia. tube, 3.25mm thk). Galvanised steel or thermo-lacquered finish. Resistant and safe design.
Screws and fixing system :
The different pieces are assembled with aluminium anti-vibration fixing system : no more noise effect. Stainless screws are hidden and protected.
Basket post :
Galvanised steel section structure 100x100mm. Grounting in the ground in stud (500x500x500mm) in concrete.
Goalposts :
Galvanised steel section structure dia 90mm. Grounting in the ground in stud (400x400x400mm) in concrete.
Access :
Access to the playground are made safe by barriers grounting in the ground. Galvanised steel & polyester structure to prevent the access to the bikes.
Grating :
Vertical flats 30mm width and 3mm thk + horizontal strings dia. 5mm (41.45mm horizontal spacing and 101.6mm vertical spacing).
Steel fabric :
Galvanised steel section structure dia. 6mm. (50mm vertical spacing and 100mm horizontal spacing.

The range :
PROXIWAY playgrounds are proposed in 4 different dimensions :

SPORTWAY 22m x 11m
CITYWAY 25m x 13m
LIBERTYWAY 27m x 15m
MAXIWAY sur mesure