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The skatepark is an area set aside and laid out for the practice of urban boardsports. Access is often unrestricted and its success and durability will depend on its acceptance by all the community (beginners, experienced enthusiasts, and neighbourhood residents).


First of all, the needs of the future users have to be identified. Rollers do not have the same needs as skaters or bikers and vice versa.

The experience of the future users and their potential numbers constitute information to be taken into account at the design state: these criteria will impact the type and the quantity of modules to be set up, as well as the scale of the site. It is essential to work in collaboration will all the different users.


The size of a skatepark can vary considerably. On average, it is between 400 m2 and 1000 m2. In fact, this area is directly dependent on the needs of users, but also on the budget made available by the local authority. The shape is not imposed and the range of modules on the market allows many different configurations.


Location has a considerable bearing on the success of the site. Urban boardsporters are a young and enthusiastic public. The sometimes noisy boardparks have to be located far enough away from housing (at least 50 m) to avoid noise nuisance, but still be easily accessible (by public transport). Users like to be seen, and sites which are too remote should be avoided.

amenagement de l espace

The ground :

• The ground has to be flat and suitable for rolling. The gradient of outdoor sites has to be 1 to 2 in 100 to allow rainwater to run off.
The ground finish could be 5/6 cm thick concrete or bituminous mix, 0.4 to 0.6 mm granulometry.

Site Security :

•  It is advised to ensure that the site is safe by installing a peripheral fence prohibiting access by motor vehicles.
•  An access has to be provided for the emergency services.
•  Lighting may be required.

Rest and spectator areas:

•  Avoid ground finishes that could bring dirt and grit onto the adjacent rolling surface (gravel, sand, earth, etc.).
•  For site comfort and user-friendliness, provide shady areas, a water supply, benches, litter bins, bicycle sheds, etc.


equipement implantation

The equipment must be adapted to users' needs and the site characteristics. In general, multi-purpose areas should be provided catering for beginners and experienced users, skaters, boarders and BMXers, and organised coherently. The equipment has to be organised to be attractive, open-ended and allow future extensions.

gestion d un parc

To prevent accidents, the skatepark has to be maintained like any other sports facility.

The site has to be kept clean to ensure that the sport is practiced in safe conditions.

Inspections and maintenance:
The manufacturer has to carry out an annual inspection.

The skatepark is a place of recreation and sport. To be successful and sustainable it has to be promoted. As far as possible, it should be managed by a club which organises training, competitions, events, and so on, in association with national and local federations.